Fire Safety Door Installation

Separating a building into isolated categories or compartments helps in delaying the spread of fire. Fire doors are fire-resistant doors used to stop the spread of fire between a building’s compartments. The doors also act as an escape in the early stages of a fire. As a requirement, all buildings should be fitted with fire safety doors. Local fire Pty Ltd offers a wide range of services that include installation, maintenance and repair of fire doors. We also check and certify buildings with respect to safety of occupancy.

Characteristics of a Fire Door

It is important to note that fire doors are not entirely incombustible; rather, they are built with specifications that delay the spread of fire. However, fire doors generally remain intact in some fires while any normal doors would burn down. The major characteristic of a fire safety door is its certification by the fire department. After fire doors are manufactured, they are tested and then labelled for identification. Another characteristic of fire doors is the fitted door closers. The doors close automatically in case of a fire. In addition, fire doors are heavier than normal doors and require stronger hinges.

It is a requirement that a qualified fire protection company such as Local Fire install these specialist doors, as the identification marks may be tampered with during installation and the door may be discredited in safety checks.

Seals and Resisting Glazing

Fire safety doors are fitted with seals against fire and smoke. In the early stages of a fire, smoke is as lethal as the fire itself. Modern fire resistant doors are fitted with both intumescent and cold smoke seals at their stiles and head. The seals protect specific compartments against fire and cold smoke. There are two types of intumescent seal; that is, low pressure and high pressure seals. Low pressure seals expand evenly but they do not provide enough protection compared to high pressure seals. The seals become active at high temperature unbearable to human beings. Smoke seals in fire doors retain and control smoke by blocking the gaps between the door and the frame.

Most internal Fire Doors are fitted with vision panels. These panels are made from a fire resistant glass and are small in size. The purpose of the windows is to allow fire fighters to analyse the size and aggression of the fire burning beyond before they break the seals on the door and proceed to fight the flames. All fire doors provided and installed by Local Fire are of the highest quality with the safety of your employees and minimising damage to your property as our primary concerns.

Fire Door Repair and Maintenance

Apart from installation, Local Fire carries out routine checks and repairs. Having Fire doors fitted to your properties is important, however, having fire doors that actually work when they are needed is paramount. All fire door seals and components should be checked and maintained every 6 months to ensure that they’re at their best.