Fire Hose Reels

We are all familiar with devastating forest and bush fires which put the lives of people and animals in great danger. There are different types of fires but each one has their own particular risk. Fire protection systems like fire hose reels and water sprinklers are used to protect buildings in the event of a fire. They are suited for every type of situation whether domestic, commercial or industrial, and Local Fire, a fire protection specialist firm in Sydney, performs a critical role in providing emergency services and information to businesses of every size.

Various types of fire hose reels meet different needs, but the duty of these protection systems, with hoses with lengths of some 35 metres, provide a controlled supply of water to prevent a potential fire risk. Fire hoses are most effective when two people use them; one person unrolling the hose while the other one controls the hose, ensuring it doesn’t get caught on doors etc.

An Unlimited Supply of Water

We all know how irritating a garden hose is when it kinks, but fire hose reels consist of non-kinking tubing. They are permanently connected to a water supply and they have a turn on and off valve, a hose wand nozzle as well as a hose guide. The control nozzle attached to the end of the hose enables the operator to control the direction and flow of water to the fire.

The fire hose reels are connected to the mains water supply and can therefore provide an unlimited supply of water. They are located in cabinets or on walls along with appropriate signage indicating their location as well as their fuel risk suitability. The location of these reels should also be in areas that will be able to withstand the effects of fire and heat.

Australian Standards Ensure Reliability from Fire Hose Reels

All fire hose reels in Australia need to comply to Australian Standards. Most hose reels are designed to deliver 30 litres of water a minute or 0.33 litres every second, but Australian Standards specify that the 19mm fire hoses have to be able to deliver at least 0.45 litres of water per second, at 220kPa. Other more specialized systems which use halogen based gases are also used to flood enclosed areas.

Constant Testing is Imperative

Fire protection systems have to be well maintained and undergo constant testing to ensure reliability, and the skilled team of Local Fire ensures all maintenance contracts and records of the businesses they serve are constantly checked and up to date. Well maintained fire hoses are effective for the fighting of fires and can be relied on every time.

Only Deal with Reliable and Reputable Fire Protection Specialists

Local Fire is a firm with all the necessary skills and experience of fire protection to protect you and your assets. As fire protection specialists, they ensure fire protection compliance from professionally trained staff. Offering superior products at reasonable prices and making use of the latest technology with their products, you can be sure that whatever industry you are in, if you need fire hose reels and other quality fire protection equipment which is regularly tested and maintained, we provide a high level of professional services which can be called upon anytime you need.